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GloFiber Review:

Things to review. Lets start with Glofiber. I would call it glo fibber, but they are much better then Comcast. They may not be able to solve all your problems or issues but they are more customer centric. I do have issues with the advertising. They claim 1 Gig speed. In our area it is literally an impossibility (as of now). That wont stop the sales people from pushing it as such. Thats ok its still better then Comcast. Experience and communication levels remind me of most places that I have worked. The sales people don't talk to the pre install people, and the pre install people don't talk to the installers, and so on. The pre installer sent made it sound like the installer could run wires anywhere in our house. They indicated that we can direct them to install it anywhere. That was not the case. The installer was a little green, had equipment issues, and needed my help to complete the job. When finished, we tested the system 100 to 150 mbs no where near a gig. He chalked it up to being our walls, literally non existent downstairs. Ok its still faster. Then we tried our work computers, 14 mbs max. We did better with Comcast on this. We called, they sent a tech, added a router (eero), even had me direct line in. Still 14 mbs on the work computers. They didn't know what to do. Now on the plus side, everything else in the house is running super smooth. So, I would recommend Glo Fiber, if not for the faster service, to at least hit Comcast where it hurts. Then maybe one day they can have great customer service again as well.

4/5 Stars for GloFiber


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5 out of 5 Stars

I wanted to try out an online consult/pharmacy venue. I was always very hesitant due to obvious reason. Zip Health looked legit, and I decided to try them out. It was a possitive, refreshing, new age approach. I see this as being the future of treatments. I had a virtual consult. They gave me a recommendation, and within 3 days i had a teatment plan and medicine available to start my plan. I was highly impressed with the overall service and quality. They get a 5 out out of 5.


-Worth it, but still has kinks-

It took nearly the entire amount of time (60 days I think) that it could to get cleared. That is a few days prior to when your allowed to start calling them about it. It was the night before our flight, and it finally went through. YAYE!

The first time that I used it, I was "randomly" selected to have all my electronics searched. (Out of Allentown, PA airport) 

The second time that I used it, i was "randomly" selected to remove my belt and be patted down. Patted down is the PG wording, was more like a rub down...LOL. I did have the option to go to a private room if I desired, but I elected to have the check there on the spot.  (Out of Fort Lauderdale, FL airport)

The PreCheck benefits include: 

With all of that, the down side of someone feeling my private areas, it was still faster. For this reason I would says it is worth it. I will of course update this later after I can tally some more trips with the "randomly" selected thing.

What would I rate this... 

I like the being safe thing, so ok grope some people and be groped if it makes us safe. I did not enjoy that, but safety is always first. Check my electronics, also safe. Faster yes and no. I had to hunt down my stuff, and if my wife did not grab it, someone could have easily walked off with it. It was still faster then waiting in the non TSA line. I will rate it about a 3/5 stars. That may drop depending on my future travels and the whole "randomly selected thing.

Recommended to anyone, unless you don't like being touched, but then you might as well take a bus.